Random Driveway Stories

Anecdotes on Concrete Driveways


Stories concrete driveways tell. (Photo Credits)

Concrete driveways have their share of anecdotes. Some happy, some sad, others vicious, or plain weird.
Just like this driveway in Suburban New York, where instead of vehicles, a CESSNA Plane is parked on one homeowner’s driveway as reported by Fox News. National Ready Mix Concrete Association

“A suburban New York homeowner has angered neighbors on his quiet street because he is using his driveway as a hangar for his small plane. MyFoxNY also reports that Harold Guretzky is facing huge fines for parking his Cessna in front of the garage of his Long Island home. The station said Guretzky is going through a divorce.”

Check out the article here.

Intimidating Neighbors

Top Gear meantime gave tips to homeowners whose concrete driveways are being blocked by the neighbors’ cars.

“How about posting a really intimidating warning sign? You know Pinoy drivers: They often need to be screamed at just to get the point. Two other readers sent us a pair of photos that show how to psychologically mess with illegal parkers. With signs like these, we guarantee the incidence of cars blocking your gate will go down significantly.”

Check out the intimidating sign here.

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Moving on to something that is not annoying, Today.com featured a little boy who wanted to extend assistance to his neighbors.

“One 3-year-old boy’s birthday present is making his neighbors very happy this winter season. Sam Curry asked his parents, Carrie and Brian Curry, for a bulldozer for his third birthday.”

Read the rest of this happy post here.

What is your happy driveway story?


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