Amazing Cement Pieces

Artsy Cement

Cement Factory

What cement can offer. (Photo Credits) 

Cement has tons of uses. More and more people are discovering such even in the field of arts.

Just like this man featured over at the website Deveoh who transformed a concrete pipe into something really amazing. Concrete          

“Once the unit was complete (and people began remarking how much it looked like something out of The Lord of the Rings) it was time to start filling it with those precious items he needed the space for.”

Check out the photos here.

Just Amazing

The website a Designer Life meantime shared one artist’s creation – a wonderful bench made of cement.  National Ready Mix Concrete Association     

“I’m in awe that something as simple as cement cinder blocks combined with wooden lumber slats (and the addition of some fun homemade cushions) can be put together to create a piece of furniture so simple yet so visually effective – and it looks really comfortable to sit on, too!”

Look at it here.

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AWM meantime shared how one could simply make a unique concrete table for the garden.

“Instead of buying a pot from your gardening store, one DIY specialist by the name of Cat has shown us how to make perhaps one of the most original pots out there with a towel and some concrete.”

Get the step-by-step instructions here.

Have you ever made something out of concrete?

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