All about Concrete Roofing

Concrete Roof Designs

gottfried böhm, architect: maria königin des friedens pilgrimage church, neviges, germany 1963-1972

What you need to know about concrete roofing. (Photo Credits) 

Concrete roofing may just be the most heavy duty and resistant roofing material available. National Ready Mix Concrete Association

Dezeen shared photos and details of this Spanish school building with concrete roofing.

“The design features softly curving corrugated metal siding, and a chunky concrete canopy with a wavy edge that is supported by pastel-coloured columns.”

Check it out here.

Hard and Durable

Cool Decoration Ideas meantime featured various concrete roof designs. Concrete

“The flat-roof house is made of concrete and wood, extends over an area of 206 square and combines the two materials in an interesting way, so that it does no cold or inconspicuous acts. The customers wanted a one-storey house, to the relationship with the natural environment to maximize. The clean lines, the rectangular Form, the floor-to-ceiling Windows create a bright and airy atmosphere, ideal for someone who is calm, light and minimalism is looking for.

Check out the houses here.

This ultra-modern glass pool house featured by the website Dezeen also has a concrete roofing system.

“A thin concrete roof rests lightly on the glazed walls of this minimal poolside pavilion, added to a house in the Belgian village of Wannegem-Lede – the second project we’ve published today by architect Lieven Dejaeghere”

Take a look at its photos here.

Would you like a home with concrete roofing?

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