When Concrete Invades the Arts

Finding the Artsy in Concrete


When art and concrete mix. (Photo Credits)

Art and concrete really do mix.

Archdaily.com featured in its website stunning artworks propped up by concrete pillars that lent even more character to the artworks that are on display.

“Removed from display in 1996, the concrete pillars, wood and glass easels were reviewed by METRO Arquitetos, who became part of MASP’s curatorial team — in charge of exhibition design — last December.  Having carried out various exhibitions this year at the museum – such as Brazilian Art Through the 1900s – METRO Arquitetos decided to end the year by bringing back the easels, in an exhibition similar to the original one conceived by Lina, which almost five decades later, continues to impress with its innovative way of exhibiting art in museums.”

Check out the exhibit here.

Perfect Combination

A great mix of wood and concrete has meantime been featured by the website Home Design Find.National Ready Mix Concrete Association 

“Every piece, from beginning to end, is hand made. Each piece of wood is carefully chosen for its part. Every inlay of wood or shell or stone is thoughtfully placed.”

Check out the concrete and wooden table here.

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An artist meantime finds solace and inspiration in a concrete studio.

“The glazed entrance hems in one side of the sunken patio, creating a well that is designed to provide indirect lighting for painting.”

Watch the slideshow here.

What concrete form of art do you appreciate the most?



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