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Grafitti in Berlin

You can ether be happy or annoyed with it. (Photo Credits) 

For some, Graffiti can be a work of art expressed in concrete. Zelda fans for instance will surely like this feature from the website Zelda informer.

“The wall-merging mechanic introduced in A Link Between Worlds is possibly my most favorite mechanic in any Zelda game, and it sure does look good in amiibo form. The details are just right; Graffiti Link is even wearing Ravio’s mysterious bracelet.”

Check out the photos here.

Not so happy about it

The website meantime pointed on the graffiti written in the wall of a set used by a TV series. Concrete  “Viewers able to read Arabic who caught last Sunday’s US airing of the award-winning television show Homeland may have noticed something bizarre about the graffiti lining the walls of the Syrian refugee camp: Splashed across the fictional set were messages in Arabic that read, “Homeland is racist,” “Homeland is a joke, and it didn’t make us laugh,” and more blatant criticisms of the program, which is now in its fifth season. “#blacklivesmatter,” too, appears on one brick wall in green paint. The words are the work of “The Arabian Street Artists,” a trio that Homeland itself hired to adorn the set with “realistic” street tags. The artists revealed the ruse — which they label a “hack” on the series — yesterday, explaining that they had conceived of it as an intervention to protest their discontentment with the show’s political messages.”

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Related Concrete Contractor Services meantime published a story that tells about a local restaurant offering a thousand friend chicken pieces for anyone who can help catch Graffiti vandals in their outlet in New Orleans.

“A reward of 1,000 pieces of hot chicken out of the deep fryer at Melba’s Po-Boy could be yours if you can help the restaurant’s owner, Scott Wolfe Sr., find out who covered part of the building with graffiti.”

Know more about the story here.

Have you ever written on a concrete wall?

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Concrete Path Walks

Random Tales on Concrete Path walks

Rarely there is a straight way.

The many stories path walks tell. (Photo Credits)

If path walks can just talk then these are the stories that they will tell. Concrete

In Brazil, a man lifted a car that is blocking the pedestrian way, as featured over at “This mysterious pedal-pusher, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, has had enough of car owners who don’t respect cyclists, so he simply lifts a parked car out of his path. Reddit did some investigating into the car (as per usual) and found it was a Fiat Uno, a car known to be relatively light. The vehicle boasts a curb weight, or the total weight of a car without occupants, of approximately 1,600 pounds, according to So this particular strongman cyclist was most likely deadlifting a couple hundred pounds.”

Watch the video here.

Newborn along a path walk?

CNN featured meanwhile, a story on a newborn who have been buried alive in a walking path in California. American Society of Concrete Contractors   

“The crying coming from under a block of asphalt sounded like it was from a cat to Angelica Blount. But it turned out to be an abandoned baby that police say was deliberately buried under debris along a Los Angeles area walking path.”

Check out the news report here.

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Turning into something more pleasant, Mid West Living meantime shared ways on how to make a path walk in your own home’s garden.

“A garden path can issue an enticing invitation to backyard visitors, or just provide a convenient route for plant maintenance. Whatever its use, a well-designed and well-built path will enhance the livability and functionality of any home garden, says Steve Rodie, landscape horticulture specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.”

Know about the many ways here.

Do you have a path walk story?

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